What is different about contemporary orangeries compared to traditional orangeries?

Traditionally, orangeries were an exclusive luxury reserved for the wealthy upper classes, a place in which to entertain in rich and relaxing surroundings. These days orangeries are accessible to everyone and at Paramount Orangeries, we pride ourselves on our award winning contemporary orangeries while providing excellent value accessible to all kinds of budgets.

A question that may come to mind when before purchasing an orangery is: What is different about contemporary orangeries compared to traditional designs?

Orangeries were designed to store exotic plants and fruit trees which needed plenty of sunlight in summer but also protection from the cold in winter. Therefore, they were constructed with plenty of glass windows in order to let strong sunlight in during summer while using concrete walls to help retain and regulate the heat in summer while insulating and protecting from the cold in winter.

With a contemporary orangery, the focus has moved to clean designs that integrate seamlessly with modern homes while still retaining the original practical qualities of traditional orangeries. With modern technologies and new building techniques, it is now possible to create original, aesthetically pleasing designs using a range of modern materials such as high quality timbers, aluminium or uPVC. There are many options available and we work closely with you to find the perfect solution just for you!

Our modern orangery designs are built to the highest standards by our experienced team. Whether you want to customise your orangery by adding French sliding doors or an elegant wood finish, anything is possible when you choose a Paramount Orangery. We have years of expertise creating original contemporary orangery designs. Our goal is to create a unique design to add harmoniously to your home and blend in with your individual lifestyle.

When you make a free, no obligation appointment, our designers will work closely with you to come up with several modern orangery designs ideas to inspire you and complement your home. Our expert designers have years of experience creating original bespoke modern orangeries. We are continually embracing new technologies so you can be confident our designs and materials are at the forefront of orangery design.

Our priority is your satisfaction and we take time and care to get it right for you. We offer a full guarantee on our products so you can be rest assured you are getting the highest quality and design when purchasing a contemporary orangery from Paramount Orangeries.