Why Opt for a Bespoke Orangery


Are you planning on adding a new room to your home?  Do you feel like your home doesn’t get enough natural light? If so, a bespoke orangery will not only let more light in, but it will also add value to your house. It’s quite easy to turn a section of your humble abode into a royal sun room. You can also grow an assortment of plants that will convert carbon dioxide into oxygen so that you, your family, and your pets all breathe easier.    

Paramount’s bespoke orangeries are created through a partnership between our designers, builders, and you.  Our quality is second to none, and your happiness is of the highest importance to us.  By taking advantage of our bespoke orangeries you will be adding visual comfort to your home. As sunlight comes into your home, you can turn off the lights and watch your energy bills drop, as will your heating bills.  Installing a bespoke orangery is one step towards powering your home via solar energy.  You will not be able to store the energy for night use, but during the day, you will be making full use of the sun’s light and heat. A green home is a happy home.

Our contemporary orangeries are sleek, stylish, and well built.  Your guests will be in awe when you entertain them in your newly added slice of heaven.  Depending on how people decorate their bespoke orangery, any number of ambiances can be created.  From an atrium jungle to a modest reading room, guests will feel like they’re sitting outdoors, while enjoying the comfort of home.

Some homeowners may feel like an orangery is too expensive for them, but you’d be surprised at just how affordable our bespoke orangeries are, and remember that you will be saving energy costs.  Getting an exact quote is not possible without having one of our experts come visit you, but no worry, our on-site consultation is free of charge.  Book an appointment today, and one of our designers will help you decide which bespoke build is best.