Planning and Building Luxury Orangeries


Are you in the market for an orangery? Look no further than Paramount.  We specialize in luxury orangeries.  Unless you’re a professional contractor, planning and building an orangery structure is quite difficult.  Leave it to us.  We guarantee your satisfaction. Our contemporary orangeries are tailor designed for each client. Our designers are professionally trained and can meet all of your demands.

Our luxury orangeries are available for customers operating in a wide range of budgets. When it comes to design options, there are countless avenues to pursue.  If you can dream it, we can do it. During the planning process, you will be working hand-in-hand with our designers.  We have several styles that you can as starting points.  A few of our standards include Margam, Versailles, Blenheim, and Kensington.  Feel free to create your own starting point too.  After our designers process your requests, they present a build plan.  Tweaks and edits are then made, and your plan is fine-tuned.  After a plan is agreed on, the building phase begins.  Our builders are highly qualified with years of experience.  The materials are brought in and your new addition begins.

From the beginning to the end we will direct your project.  If permits are required, we will obtain them.  You need not be concerned about anything except how to spend time in your new luxury orangery.  Our business is to make you feel relaxed.  We have perfected the process, and this enables you to sleep soundly. The builders are efficient and quick, so the hassles of having a build at your home will be minimized.

To receive a free consultation, fill out an appointment form at our website.  One of our designers will present ideas, and you decide if you’re interested or not.  We do not believe in pressure sales tactics, so do not worry about pushiness.  If anything, you will leave the meeting with a better understanding of orangery prices and orangery designs.  Expand your comfort with Paramount Orangeries.