Paramount uPVC Windows

At Paramount we really do offer stylish windows to suit every property...

We cater for all shape and sizes of upvc widows and the choice of finishes and double glazing options we offer will enable you to create the perfect look for your home.

Added to the style benefits Paramount upvc windows are up to 55% more effecient than single glazed units and significantly more efficient than some double glazed units which could make a noticeable difference to your heating bills.

  • Contemporary clean bevelled lines Available in White, Rosewood, Antique Oak and on-white variants
  • Suitable for casement, residential single/double doors, pivots, tilt/turn styles
  • Standard T & Z profiles give uniform angles across the complete suite, including the sash
  • Four chambers throughout Symmetrical sight lines Full profile range available
  • Pre-applied Bubblex gasket throughout Intelligent bead design ensures balanced aesthetics across door and window products inside and out
  • Bespoke Safeware locking systems

uPVC Windows - Reduce your bills

You may think a window is a window, but don't be fooled. Recent tests comparing 15 year old uPVC windows and new ones show they are now 55% more efficient and that could make a massive difference on the thermal efficiency of your home.

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